Round Table -Budapest 2008

Hi Boys,

I know it really has taken a while to get the Budapest part of the site up. I have been a very busy boy….. I am sorry.

Anyway, this year’s trip to Budapest was very eventful. I couldn’t believe it when the guys turned up and told me that Nigel was not coming. Apparently someone told Nigel that there were no snackette bars in Budapest, which was enough to make him back out of the trip. But from the ashes a phoenix did rise in the shape of Jono who heroically led us through Budapest. Although I think he had the bus timetable for Prague!!

Two new members were introduced or inducted into the round table during a great meal with our fantastic hosts in Budapest. Graham and Mark performed admirably……

By the way, Nigel please go check out your own page (link above) and a video message from the boys at the bottom of this page.

But anyway, enjoy the site and I hope to see you all soon…………


RT Budapest Facts and figures.......
The Crew
Harry Potter Baker
Steve "I wish Nogel was here" Haynes
Jono "Don't worry boys" Thetford
Tony Piper
Mel Laxon

New Boys
Graham "The Bank"Fryer
Mark "No I didn't" Timmins

Top six Budapest facts & figures
1. Snackettes consumed = Approx 28
2. Bottles of Bulls Blood consumed = Approx 6
3. Number of hours on buses = Aprox 12
4. Crew absent without leave= 1 (Nigel)
5. Alcohol wasted = approx 5 litres (All spilt by Easty)
6. Tablers wasted = 1 (I wont mention that it was Mark)

A Tribute To Nigel
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