This was my eighth trip with the ART boys and still I am amazed as to how much we manage to pack into our few days, and this year’s trip to Krakow, Poland was no exception. We of course hit the bars and restaurants and a bakery or two, there was of course the traditional trip to a local pool where the guys convinced me the blue flume was the slow one, they were of course telling me porkies. We also took a fantastic boat ride down the river where we enjoyed great scenery and a few beers. We also visited the famous salt mines which were truly incredible   

We took a short journey out and visited Auschwitz and Birkenau which everyone in the group seemed visibly shocked and shaken by. And out of respect to those who lost their lives and have been affected by the camp and what happened there, I have set up a separate dedicated page which you can see here.

There were some very memorable moments for me including the lift ride up from the salt mine with Paul, I still laugh about it. And as always, I would like to thank Nigel and Jono for all of their hard work in organizing the trip.


The Krakow 2012 crew
Nigel "Snackette" Jackson
Jono "It's this way..... honest!" Thetford
Andy 'Birdy' Bird
Mel 'Twitcher' Laxen
Neil "Not the top bunk" Capper
Graham "Manamana" Fryer
James 'I'll knock you outt' Marks
Kelly "Lets have another one" Clarke

Paul "Try again Graham, Manamana" East

Paul "Is that your hand" Morrison
Dave "Here we go again" West
Krakow Quickies