Round Table - Munich 2007

Here we are again.... Another year and another trip, but this one really was 'Once In A Lifetime'. I would not have believed that within a short couple of hours of hopping on the plane, I would be sitting on the rooftop of a hotel in Salzburg with the sun beating down supping a beer or two. (Well, maybe the beer bit!!) Still, I have come to realise that virtually anything is possible with the Aylsham Round Tablers.

And of course this year was particularly poignant in that Neil and Nigel were ‘chucked out’! I think that Neil handled it in a relaxed fashion, which was proven by his upgrade from Tweenie Scooter to chauffer driven wheelchair. However, I think it was apparent that Nigel still has a few control issues to deal with, in fact there were moments when I did as he said simply because he delivered the instruction with such conviction!

But as always, I thank you all for inviting me and making me feel part of gang. There was never a dull moment, although I am struggling to remember parts of Sunday, beyond about 6pm!

The Crew
Richard Codling
Nigel Jackson
Neil Capper
Duncan - Harry Potter
Stevie Haynes
Jono Thetford
Andy Bird
Tony Piper
Mel Laxon
Paul East
Dave West

This year I have decided to launch the “Westy Awards”. These awards were created to pay homage to those people and moments that I felt were simply unforgettable and deserved a particular mention.
The Westy Awards
For services beyond the call of duty to the travel industry... the award goes to........ 
For services to the handicappered! the award goes to........ 
For linguistic skills the award goes to........ 
For the promotion of Sumo wrestling thea award goes to........ 
For services to facial hair the award goes to........