There were a number “first times” for me on this trip, which found 13 of us travelling to and exploring the amazing city of Sofia in Bulgaria. For example, it was the first time that I had ever been to a French comedy translated into Bulgarian wearing a dinner suit, only to leave in the break. It was also the first time I had visited market that sold everything from football scarves through to bayonets and sewing thimbles to a variety of Nazi memorabilia. And it was the first time I had ever had to down an unknown concoction of alcohol because I had lost a game based on counting nuts in your hand! Ask Birdy if you want to know how to play it.

We were also taken for a fabulous night of dinning, dance and fun by the guys from the Bulgarian round table. Truly excellent hosts, and we were honoured by such a wonderful night.

It was also the first time on an ART member’s trip for Kelly, Paul and Jimmy who all seemed to enjoy themselves. In fact, it was commented that they were all great fun and really added a new dimension and dynamic to what is a fundamentally lacklustre, tired, ageing and humourless annual 4 day excursion across Europe. So, thanks to them we can go somewhere else next year! J

On a serious note, I would like to offer my thanks to everyone for a brilliant weekend and especially to Nigel and Jono for their hard work in arranging a fun filled and educational weekend. I especially enjoyed the cable car and the opera, neither of which worked out as we expected, but were well worth it.

As always, my appreciation is shown to you all with this special part of the website reserved to document our trip wiv da boyz.

Make sure you go to the ART TV iPlayer to see the latest movies and the Sofia Gallery.


The Sofia 2011 crew
Rich "Electric Shock" Codling
Nigel "Right, next building" Jackson
Jono "knitted slippers" Thetford
Tony "twitcher 1" Piper
Andy 'Facetime' Bird
Mel 'twitcher 2' Laxen
Graham "Tin Tin" Fryer
James 'Who sent that textt' Marks

Paul "The bigger boy made me" East

Jimmy "Course ya bloody can" Vevers
Paul "Where am I staying" Wright
Kelly "Easty & Westy have had a fight" Clarke
Dave "I think Tin Tin would like some crisps" West