Stuttgart 2009 was chuck out for Andy who seemed to take it all in his stride, and we all know that  he does have a very big stride. Anyway, there were some truly funny moments and I hope I have managed to catch a few of them and encased them onto this site.

As always, I want to thank Nigel, Jono and Rich in particular, for their hard work in arranging everything and for keeping us all in tow,…… other than the football! The Mercedes museum was a real treat, the meal with our wonderful hosts was one of the best that I have attended (and I have been to a few now). The beer fest was great until Neil messed it up, although watching Jono smash glass after glass later that evening more than made up for it.

I won't mention the woods!

The traditional plunge also had its surprises and the beer garden after turned out to be a real laugh. I thought Jono’s bravery and determination to climb the tower was truly amazing….. but he cocked it all up by dragging us into that crap Chinese! At least I think it was Jono!

I have laced the site with a few videos and a quiz for your entertainment and as always, I hope the pictures serve to remind you of some of the fun that was had.

Enjoy and hopefully I will see you all soon.

The crew
Rich "In The Woods" Codling
Nigel "Snackette" Jackson
Neil "Armchair" Capper
Steve "Raffa" Haynes
Jono "Get Your Camera Dave" Thetford
Mel "Sooty" Laxon
Graham "Clarence" Fryer
Mark "Graham Fanclub" Timmins
Andy "Pick It, Eat It" Strange
Paul "Boris" East
Dave "Only Invited Because Of The Website" West