Hi Boys,

Given as you guys gave me a weekend to remember, I thought the least I could do was to somehow commemorate the event. So, here you go, the “Berlin 2005” site is here for you to remember.

If you want copies, just right click on the images and select “save picture as” option and save to your disk. If you have a problem with that or want hi-res images then email me and give me your address and telephone number and I will send you a CD with them all.

Anyway, thanks again everyone and I will hopefully see you soon.


RT Berlin Facts and figures.......

The Crew
Johno “Chairman” Thetford
Neil “The Slope of Death” Capper
Stevie “Joke a min” Haynes
Jamie “Dan….Dan…..Dan” Ducker
Nigel “It’s not far……Honest!!!” Jackson
Dave “I can’t believe this” West
Pete “You ain't getting me up there” Moody
Paul “Just One More Beer” East
Richard “This Way” Codling
Mel “The Text” Laxon

Top Twelve Facts and figures
1 Miles travelled by tram God knows
2 Miles travelled by foot Dunno
3 Beer consumed I lost count when we got to double figures
4 Jokes cracked Approx 10 per minute
5 Injuries At least 5
6 Scooter accidents At least 5 (Not all with Neil)
7 Hours slept Did we sleep?
8 Bikes rented 9 and a half
9 T-Shirts Acquired 21 (10 RT, 10 Brauhaus and 1 German FC)
10 T-Shirts given away 1 (Naughty Rich)
11 Most popular word "Dan"
12 Text sent Mel = 2,632 Others = 1 each