Hi Boys,

I came away from Berlin last year thinking that it was probably impossible to laugh as much again. I thought that my life would never see such happiness again............ I was of course wrong.

From the moment Nigel announced that we were to visit an air museum that was run by some kind of nutter, to the excellent night out with the Riga tablers, my stroll around the market where Pete announced that "fags were so cheap here, I'm gonna take up smoking", to the ice hockey game where a found a deep routed loyalty to a team that I had never seen before, to our night out at a 'traditional Latvian music evening', to our 10 minute stroll back to the hotel which took nearly 2 hours and Easty declaring that we should stay up all night (even thought there was only an hour and a half left of it), to our trip out to the Olympic Bobsleigh training slopes....... I didn't stop laughing.....

And yet again I would like to thank Nigel and Richard who excelled themselves, combining great leadership with an uncanny ability to educate us on the cultural delights, along with what can only be described as an indigenous knowledge and understanding of Riga, an amazing aptitude for searching out only the finest dwellings (with bar) and of course an instinctive awareness of ale vendors.

Thanks boys..............


RT Riga Facts and figures.......

The Crew
Johno “Bloody cat” Thetford
Neil “The Snow Slope of Death” Capper
Stevie “Awright Pat” Haynes
Jamie “They're loving me” Ducker
Nigel “You'll love this……Honest!!!” Jackson
Dave “I can't believe Watford lost” West
Pete “What are you doing in my room” Moody
Paul “let's go down and have a beer” East
Richard “Tour expert” Codling
Mel “Twitcher” Laxon
Duncan "Harry" Potter
Richard "It's not for girls" Yorkie

Top Twelve Riga facts and figures
1 Snowballs thrown 2,567
2 Spells cast 38
3 Unauthorised room entry 1
4 Eastender stars met 1
5 Hotel rooms 6 (Penthouses..... well done boys, not bad for £5)
6 Scooter accidents 1 major
7 Birthdays 1
8 Speeches given Approx 14 per day (by Johno the speech king)
9 Ice skaters 8 (Easty, Pete, Neil and Westy got lost in a bar!!)
10 Harry Potter gags Approx 784
11 Average pint price 55p (Loverly!!)
12 Offers of a 'hot night out" 223.... all by the same bloke on the corner!